ClimateCulture-Lab (CCL)

A collaboration platform for climate friendly cultures on the municipal level

Cultural change cannot be enforced by decree. Instead, we need new methods of triggering self-motivation. Building competency for change is the order of the day, especially in municipalities, so that they can foster sustainable ClimateCULTURES. We need new ways of measuring value and the integration of these new ways in attractive lifestyles. For this reason, Climate Alliance has come together with the Pestel Institut gGmbH and the Solar-Institut Jülich of Aachen’s University of Applied Sciences (SIJ) to bring a dialog oriented approach into life: the ClimateCulture-Lab (CCL).

The ClimateCULTURE change on the municipal level will be accelerated with the help of 16 workshops in municipalities as well as an online platform. The example of climate-friendly energy supply will help to highlight cultural contexts and stimulate exemplary approaches for partial and complete solutions. Project activities will focus on the needs and motivations of participating municipalities. They will help build a dialogue and learning format to spread cultures that firmly anchor climate action and sustainability in perceptions, values and behavior.

Project funding period: October 2016 – September 2019
via the German National Climate Protection Initiative (BMUB)

Want to learn more? Contact Claudia Schury at c.schury(at)

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