EDI-Net – The energy data innovation network for implementing sustainable energy policies

The Energy Data Innovation Network

The EDI-Net (The Energy Data Innovation Network) will use smart meter data, local campaigns and networking to aid public authorities in implementing sustainable energy policies. EDI-Net will support EU public authorities to act quickly and decisively by using smart meters to provide appropriate and intelligible information. Trainings and exchange of experience as well as tools and support will help local authorities implement and monitor their sustainable energy plans. EDI-Net moves beyond the traditional “technical energy manager” approach, engaging with decision makers, finance managers and building users. The project aims to make energy and water information more visible and even exciting for building users through the use of an online forum that will place peer to peer education at its core, thus contributing to the spread of knowledge and facilitating exchange.

Project funding period: March 2016 – February 2019
Horizon 2020 (EU)

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