Evaluation of crowdsourced data to improve municipal bicycle infrastructure

Increasing the attractiveness of cycling requires a high-quality cycling infrastructure. A prerequisite for this is a systematic status assessment of the cycle traffic network and the cycling traffic flows. Up to now, however, data such as traffic counts have often not been available as a basis for cycle traffic planning. MOVEBIS aims to create of a Germany-wide data basis of cycling traffic that is both temporally and spatially arranged and is updateable at a low cost. With the help of routes that track cyclists via the satellite-based positioning features on their smartphones, traffic parameters and surface quality can be evaluated. The data collection is carried out together with the Climate Alliance as part of the CITYCYCLING campaign. At the Dresden Technical University, procedures for processing the data, preparing it for municipal traffic planners and validating the results will be developed. In the first stage of the project, which will last through 2018, the four pilot municipalities of Dresden, Giessen, Kaiserslautern and Langenfeld will be involved in the active data collection. The pilot study will be opened to other municipalities in 2019. Deployment of this scalable system is due to for Germany-wide deployment in 2020. In addition to the coordinates and travel time, the survey will also include the surface quality of the routes travelled and information such as route purpose.

Project funding period: July 2017 – July 2020
The mFUND research initiative (German Federal Ministery of Transport, Building and Urban Development – BMVI)

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