Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH)

The leading EU initiative on local action against energy poverty

Adequate warmth, cooling, lighting and the energy to power appliances are essential services needed to guarantee a decent standard of living and citizens' health. Furthermore, access to these energy services empowers European citizens to fulfil their potential and enhances social inclusion.  Energy poverty requires a holistic approach underpinned by a joint, strong effort at all levels: local, regional, national and European. Towns, cities and regions are often best placed to identify those households at risk of energy poverty at an early stage and thus tackle it in the most effective way.

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) is the leading EU initiative with the vision to eradicate energy poverty and accelerate the just energy transition of European local governments. EPAH’s mission is to become the center of energy poverty experience and expertise in Europe providing direct support, online training, research to local authorities and civil society organisations and by building a collaborative network of all stakeholders interested in taking action to combat energy poverty in Europe.

EPAH brings together five partner organisations: Climate Alliance as coordinator, AISFOR, Akaryon, Ecoserveis, Nova School of Science and Technology with the ambition to embrace the multi-sector dimension of energy poverty. In addition, seven national organisations are closely engaged acting as local antennas by supporting the mission of EPAH at local level.

Project funding period: January 2021 – December 2024
via the DG Energy

Want to learn more? Contact the EPAH helpdesk at info(at) or follow on Twitter the project hashtags #EPAH and #energypovertyAH.

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