COP27 Delegation

Despite the obstacles inherent in getting to Sharm el-Sheikh and organising events there, Climate Alliance will be at COP27 with a small delegation consisting of serveral European Secretariat staff and Climate Alliance President Andreas Wolter. These ambassadors will be on the ground to make the voices of European municipalities heard. True to the network's commitment to fighting for climate justice in partnership with indingeous communities, Climate Alliance has also been able to make the participation of several NGO and indigenous representatives possible this year. Online, additional Climate Alliance representatives from the network's national coordination offices will be in attendance with digital contributions to various side events at COP27.

Climate Alliance Ambassadors to COP27

Andreas Wolter

Climate Alliance President | Mayor of the City of Cologne, Germany

Silke Lunnebach

Climate Alliance Project Coordinator

Max Beijneveld

Climate Alliance EU Policy coordinator



Indigenous Ambassadors to COP27

Milton S. Callera Nacaim

General Coordinator of the binational Organisation of the Achuar people of Ecuador and Peru (COBNAEP)

Alana Manchineri

Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB)

Elcio Severino da Silva Machineri

Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB)



NGO representatives supported by Climate Alliance

Angela Mendes

Comitê Chico Mendes, Acre, Brazil

Ana Abraham

Head of Content at Let India Breathe and Fridays for Future activist, India

Ariadne Papatheodorou

Climate justice youth activist and Fridays for Future organiser, Greece

Michelle Benzing

Mercator Fellow of International Affairs