COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh | 6 to 18 November 2022

Photo: Mathias Reding via Unsplash

A question of solidarity

The choice of host for this year’s UN Climate Summit is not without its critics. The human rights situation in Egypt is serious and it has been getting increasingly difficult for NGOs to operate there. At the same time, it is the first Climate Summit since 2016 to be held in country making up part of the African continent – in a region whose people contribute little to the climate crisis and suffer disproportionately from its effects.

In a place where disrupted rainfall patterns are threatening the health and safety as well as the food and water security of hundreds of millions of the world’s most vulnerable, it is no surprise that this COP27 is poised to place much a needed focus on the topic of loss and damage as well as the financing of both mitigation and adaptation. Who will step up to pay for damages already done? And how will the necessary adaptation measures be financed? We know that where money is lacking, so too is action. Governments worldwide, now cash-strapped due to a pandemic and a Russia-induced energy crisis, will thus be hard pressed to make adequate financial pledges. Equitable access to energy will also loom large, with the war on Ukraine making it even more difficult for many governments to turn their backs on fossil fuels. With our current path far astray of Paris Agreement goals – COP27 will be both a moment of truth and a test for global solidarity.

Climate Alliance will be in Sharm el-Sheikh, voicing the needs and concerns of its members as well as their ambitious efforts in pursuit of climate action that is both just and comprehensive.