Photo: Riccardo Annandale via Unsplash

07.12.2021 | Online

ENPOR Lunch Talk 3: Will Fit for 55 help the energy poor?

Time: 12:30 - 13:10

Those who struggle to meet their energy needs often live in insufficiently isolated dwellings with low energy efficiency. The EU Commission claims that the new Social Climate Fund will provide dedicated funding to Member States to support European citizens most affected or at risk of energy poverty.  Many organizations however fear that the amount of funding on the table will be insufficient to deliver wide-spread renovations and renewables for energy poor households.

The third Lunch Talk will focus on how the Fit for 55 Package impacts energy poverty – with invited guests Ms Louise Sunderland (RAP), Hélène Sibileau (BPIE), Emmanuelle Causse and Emil Martini (UIPI).

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Climate Alliance supports the organisation of ENPOR’s Lunch Talk as part of the project consortium. ENPOR is aiming at Mitigating Energy Poverty in the private rented sector.

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