16.09 - 22.09.2020 | Throughout Europe

European Mobility Week 2020

The European Mobility Week is a campaign of the EU Comission. Since 2002, the campaign provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to local residents and to explain challenges that cities and towns are facing. This year’s theme is „Zero-emission mobility for all“. Important components of climate-friendly mobility at the local level are, for example, walking and cycling, local public transport and a redistribution of scarce public space in favour of these modes of transport. During this year’s Mobility Week, municipalities have the opportunity to highlight these important aspects by participating in the campaign through local activities.

The European Mobility Week consists of three parts: week of activites, permanent measures and the Car-Free Day on 22 September. Participating municipalities should organise at least one of these. Registration is open to all cities, municipalities and counties, who want to promote sustainable mobility.

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