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29.11.2022 | Online

Race against time: Indigenous territories and the salvation of Amazonia

Time: 5pm

Indigenous territories play the decisive role in all measures to save the Amazon. The new study "Amazonia in a race against time" proves this with figures and new findings. There are still three years to preserve 80 % of the Amazon rainforest and thus prevent the ecosystem from breaking down, according to the study. Together with the indigenous umbrella associaation COICA, the authors emphasise concrete demands and measures for what needs to be done in the next three years. Carmen Josse from the Fundación EcoSciencia (Ecuador RAISG), co-author of the study (requested), will present the most important results at this event.

The experiences of the autonomous territorial government of the Wampís in Peru show: Indigenous territories can be protected and defended - with good (self-)administration, monitoring of territories e.g. with drones, also through cooperation with state institutions. Shapiom Noningo from the Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampís People (GTANW) in Peru reports on how his government protects the territory of the Wampís and what experiences it has had in doing so.

The subsequent discussion will focus on how environmental and development policy groups and state development cooperation can support indigenous communities in protecting their territories and what strategies are needed for this in civil society and state development cooperation.

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The event will be held in Spanish with simultaneous translation into German.