13.02.2024 | Online

Setting up Technical Assistance Offices for Energy Communities in your area

Time: 14 - 15

Energy communities are community-driven energy initiatives that contribute to a decentralised, flexible and sustainable energy system. Many energy agencies and public authorities aim to assist the citizen-led energy projects in development and operation, but struggle to provide structured and accessible support mechanisms. So-called ‘Technical Assistance Offices’ (TAO) are instruments that are popping up in several European cities, regions and energy agencies with this specific objective. Here, energy communities in all phases of development can receive professional support and access to a like-minded community. The LIFE-BECKON project focuses on the set-up of TAOs and experiments with different set-ups in its three pilot sites in Bulgaria, Denmark and Spain.

This event demonstrated how the LIFE-BECKON project contributes to empowering local and regional authorities and energy agencies in supporting local energy initiatives and communities. It displayed how the concept of a TAO comes to life in Sofia’s Energy Agency and what the project-own Cookbook offers to public authorities willing to boost energy communities.

LIFE-BECKON is running an open call to promote energy communities until 15 February. The goal is to enable local authorities to set up TAOs and to familiarise them with the concept of energy communities, empower them to create spaces for such citizen-centred energy projects and support them.

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