Photo: Eugene Kuznetsov via Unsplash

Climate Alliance event | 11.05 - 12.05.2023 | Chemnitz (DE)

Unlocking the potential of underutilised urban areas

Cities Talk Nature Europe Conference

Urban nature has the potential to provide many benefits for society and the environment. Underutilised spaces such as brownfields, abandoned industrial areas, oversized roads and parking lots as well as building roofs and facades offer a unique opportunity to increase the share of urban nature. Such transformations are, however, often associated with challenges.

This two-day conference will show how to achieve the green transition in cities. Topics include: enabling policy and governance frameworks, identification of key actors within city administrations and cross-sectoral collaboration, citizen participation, financing options, handling of conflicts of interest and potential trade-offs between green and grey options for different actor groups.

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The conference targets municipal actors and practitioners interested in tapping the potential of unused areas for expanding urban nature. The City of Chemnitz, upcoming cultural capital of Europe, organises this event in cooperation with Climate Alliance and Ecologic Institute. The conference will be held in German, English and Spanisch with simultaneous translation.

The conference is part of the CITIES TALK NATURE event series within the INTERLACE project. INTERLACE aims to empower and equip European and Latin American cities to effectively restore and rehabilitate (peri)urban ecosystems towards becoming more liveable, resilient and inclusive cities.

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