The Wampís project

The Wampís territory

The territory of the Wampís covers an area of more than 13,000 km2 in northern Peru. There, more than 16,000 people live in 85 communities located along the Santiago and Morona rivers in the departments of Loreto and Amazonas. The region is a true biodiversity hotspot and is home to rare species such as the glass frog, which is threatened with extinction. Large amounts of carbon are also stored in the area with annual absorption amounting to about 57 million tonnes of CO2. Every day, more than 34 million litres of water evaporate and supply the larger region with precipitation in the form of 'flying rivers'.  The rate of deforestation in the Wampís territory is very low, but external pressure is increasing due to illegal mining and logging as well as industrial agriculture. Outside influence on the children and youth in the communities is also a challenge with the growing impact of media and lack of intercultural education.

With the Climate Fund, we support an indigenous people in protecting their territory and thereby preserving the rainforest and the global climate.


The measures

Replanting deforested areas

Cost: 27,500 euros

In 10 communities, children, teenagers and their parents will join in to sustainably replant and upgraded a total area of 50 hectares.

Improving food and medicinal gardens

Cost: 10,500 euros

In 40 Wampís family gardens, a greater variety of food, medicinal and ornamental plants as well as useful wood species are to be planted and sown as examples for the community.

Strengthening cultural identity

Cost: 12,000 euros

Including elders in school curricula as cultural pillars of the community and develop new approaches to passing on traditional practices and knowledge.   


Make your donation today

With your donation, you help preserve over 13,000 km2 of rainforest! All contributors will receive a certificate and a (donation) receipt detailing the donation made. We will report regularly and transparently on project progress. 

Want to learn more? Contact Sie Silke Lunnebach at s.lunnebach(at) for more information.