Energy Fund

Promoting renewable energies in Amazonia

Many indigenous communities in the Amazon have no access to the public electricity grid or rely on the very oil companies that threaten their existence. Electricity is often made by polluting generators and petroleum lamps are often used for lighting, which is extremely harmful to health and the environment. To address these challenges and advance its own solutions, COICA is working on a renewable energy strategy. The Climate Alliance is supporting this strategy with its Energy Fund.

Initiatives such as the basic provision with electricity via solar lamps or pilot projects with solar-powered boats enable indigenous communities to access clean and affordable energy. Such approaches are adapted to local conditions and implemented by the communities themselves.

To promote these approaches, Climate Alliance collects donations from members across Europe and passes these on to COICA and its member organisations for use in for specific projects. The project ideas come directly from our indigenous partners. Each is supported after consultation with Climate Alliance.

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