Climate Star 2018 - Diversity in local climate action

Under the motto “Diversity in local climate protection”, Climate Alliance has called on all cities, municipalities, districts and municipal networks in Climate Alliance to apply for a Climate Star for the eighth time.

Every two years, the Climate Alliance Europe honours the best municipal climate protection projects. Each of the 1,700 European Climate Alliance municipalities can take part in the contest; winners
are chosen by an expert jury.

On 18 October, 15 municipalities from all over Europe were honoured for their outstanding projects in the fields of energy, mobility, climate justice and adaptation to climate change at a gala in Schloss Grafenegg on invitation of the Federal State of Lower Austria.

Photos | Short films | Climate Star brochure (pdf)

Project descriptions and details can be found in the Climate Star brochure

Outstanding municipal projects

Up to 10,000 inhabitants

  • Kunsziget, Hungary (1,227 inhabitants)
    Multi-generation project

  • Krummnußbaum, Austria (1,444 inhabitants)
    Internal before external development

  • Böheimkirchen, Austria (5,100 inhabitants)
    Michelbach river habitat

  • Marcallo con Casone, Italy (6,254 inhabitants)
    Cyclist-friendly municipality

  • Wiener Neudorf, Austria (8,773 inhabitants)
    Sustainable town rejuvenation

from 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants

  • Judenburg, Austria (10,100 inhabitants)
    Long-term climate protection

  • Schifflingen, Luxembourg (10,750 inhabitants)
    Separating waste is easy and saves money

  • Narni, Italy (19,543 inhabitants)
    Zero waste

  • Ettlingen, Germany (38,731 inhabitants)
    Energy-saving boxes

  • Tübingen, Germany (89,011 inhabitants)
    Tübingen macht blau

Over 100,000 inhabitants

  • Ghent, Belgium (248,358 inhabitants)
    Food distribution

Associations of local authorities

  • Ternitz and the local area, Austria (19,124 inhabitants)
    Water brings life

  • Sterngartl-Gusental climate and energy model region, Austria (49,700 inhabitants)
    Friends of the Earth campaign

  • Energy Cities Biel, Brügg, Nidau and Lyss, Switzerland (80,400 inhabitants)
    Seeland solar cup

  • Disctrict of Steinfurt, Germany (444,200 inhabitants)

Global partnership

  • Climate Alliance Austria and the umbrella organisation of indigenous organisations on the Rio Negro in Brazil (FORIN)
    More than just a shared journey