Photo: Philip-Marcel Cuntos Siemers, City of Kleve


Screening of "The Illusion of Abundance" has an impact in Kleve and Emmerich am Rhein

At the end of September, Climate Alliance member Kleve, in cooperation with the City of Emmerich am Rhein, showed the documentary "The Illusion of Abundance" at two screenings with students and citizens. The documentary tells the stories of three female environmental activists from Latin America and their tireless resistance against environmental destruction. The impressive images made clear the consequences of constant growth for the people in Latin America. This had a tangible impact in the cinema and encouraged the audience to reflection on the dire situation. The film was complemented by stories from Katty Gualinga, an indigenous activist from the Kichwa community of Sarayaku, Ecuador, as well as a greeting from one of the film's directors.

The film screening took place in cooperation with Climate Alliance. Since spring 2023, the network has offered its members the opportunity to show the "The Illusion of Abundance" in their city or community and thus help raise awareness among citizens.

Interested ina  film screening? Contact Silke Lunnebach at s.lunnebach(at) for more information.

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