New roadmap – EU published Renovation Wave Strategy

With this week’s publication of the “Renovation Wave Strategy”, the European Commission is addressing one of the major challenges to implementing its Green Deal. The strategy sets out a roadmap for regulatory action especially on the Energy Performance on Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) combined with financial support and increased technical assistance with the ultimate goal to double the current annual renovation rate until 2030 across the EU.

With regard to the local level, the publication proposes to extend renovation requirements to all public buildings beyond the national level. Cities will therefore be faced with higher requirements for their town halls, schools and hospitals.

Climate Alliance has provided extensive input during the public consultations that had been conducted prior to the launch of the strategy. The network thus welcomes the proposal to increase technical assistance for local authorities. "We also appreciate the mentioned importance of sustainable renovation based on circular and nature-based solutions as well as the focus on social and economic elements of building renovation", says Jonas Rönnefarth from Climate Alliance. However, specific actions will be revealed only by the time existing legislation will be revised as outlined in the Action Plan annexed to the Strategy.

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