Instruments for municipal climate action (IkKa)

Assessing and planning municipal climate action measures in Germany

Discussing goals and structuring planning processes for climate action measure requires a lot of time and resources at the local level. The German IkKa project wants to change this by increasing the efficiency of local climate action with targeted instruments.

Together with a large number of municipalities, the project team will discuss and define ambitious climate action goals and initiate their operationalisation. An evaluation system for municipal climate protection measures will also be developed, including a compatibility check for municipal CO2 inventories according to the German BISKO standard and recommendations for evaluating the effects of local measures outside of a municipality's territories. A user-friendly online tool will then enable municipalities to evaluate climate protection measures and identify effective municipal options for action with efficient (human) resource use. Finally, an advisory service for cities and towns aiming to make their local administrations climate neutral will be launched on the basis of project findings.

Climate Alliance is supporting the project together with ifeu Heidelberg and the Leipzig Institute for Energy. At least 30 pilot municipalities also support and are involved in the initiative. Within IKKa, Climate Alliance is responsible for defining the climate action goals, tool development and communication activities.  

Project funding period: January 2022 – December 2024
funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) as part of the National Climate Initiative (NKI)

Want to learn more? Contact Carsten Kuhn at c.kuhn(at)