Supporting decision-makers to promote behaviour change in households

SaveEnergyTogether will implement large-scale national and local communication campaigns to empower decision-makers at all levels of government to operationalise the Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle for Energy Efficiency First Interventions (EEEIs). EEEIs are defined as measures that focus on behaviour change and are characterised by small up-front investments by individuals. As local, regional and national authorities and agencies may incur significant costs in carrying out such awareness campaigns to motivate behaviour change, setting up local structures, etc., the project will also develop appropriate tools to evaluate up-front investments in such measures.

The team will develop new procedures, best practices, updated cost-benefit methodologies and monitoring and reporting systems for EEEI for households, small businesses and building owners. To do this, the project will run dedicated, large-scale pilots under different conditions to test different approaches, collect data and develop blueprints based on these real-life activities. These can then be used by national and local decision-makers and implementers, such as municipalities and national consumer organisations, to operationalise EEEIs quickly and effectively beyond the lifetime of the project. SaveEnergyTogether is explicitly designed to take into account previous work on EE1st to develop methodologies, procedures and monitoring/reporting systems that address all dimensions of the EE1st principle (societal, environmental, public budget, etc.). With proven support within the respective pilot countries as well as across the EU, SaveEnergyTogether is expected to have a sustainable impact, leading to 100 GWh/year of primary energy savings, 23,200 t CO2-eq/year of reductions and indirectly enabling substantial investments in local structures.

Climate Alliance is responsible for the project's communication, dissemination and exploitation activities and supports local energy agencies and municipalities in implementing their awareness campaigns.

Project funding period: January 2024 – December 2026
co-financed via the LIFE programme 2021-2027 of the European Union

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