01.10 - 03.10.2021 | Dobbiaco, Italy

Dobbiaco Talks: How green is the European Green Deal?

The European Green Deal is a concept presented by the EU Commission with the goal of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union to zero by 2050 and thus becoming the first continent to become climate neutral. It is a large package of investments, laws and strategies aimed at making many areas of life climate-friendly, for example agriculture, transport, but also the energy industry and construction.

The 32nd Dobbiaco Talks are dedicated to the question: "How green is the European Green Deal?”. Representatives from politics, science, business and other interest groups from society are invited to critically question the steps envisaged in the Green Deal in Europe's fight against climate change, and to come up with solutions for possible controversies.

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The National Coordinator of Climate Alliance Italy, Karl-Ludwig Schibel, is curator of the two-day event together with Wolfgang Sachs. The Dobbiaco Talks will be held in German and Italian with simultaneous translation.  

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