Photo: Andrés Medina


Climate Alliance Luxembourg supports movement in Ecuador to stop oil production

20 August 2023 is a historic moment for Ecuador. The population has the opportunity to decide on the future of oil exploration in the Yasuní rainforest in a legally binding vote. This has come about through years of work and pressure from civil society and the Yasuní ITT campaign, which aims to keep the oil in the ground and urges the international community to pay Ecuador compensation for the lost state revenue. Climate Alliance Luxembourg has supported this campaign with a resolution and successful national campaign of its own and Luxembourg's government has agreed to make a financial contribution to the Yasuní ITT.

Given the political crisis Ecuador has been in since the dissolution of the parliament on 17 May, there is enough interest to actually hold the referendum in time. The fact that the local population can vote on the future of oil extraction in the rainforest is a milestone in environmental politics, a significant victory for the rights of nature and an important way forward for the indigenous peoples of the forest.