Photo: Oscar Nord via Unsplash


Climate Alliance supports Build Better Lives campaign for an ambitious Energy Performance Building Directive

As an official signatory of CAN Europe's Build Better Lives campaign, Climate Alliance, together with numerous other actors from across Europe, demands a socially just and ambitious building directive from policy makers. The alliance makes concrete demands in this regard:

  • Maximising the energy performance potential of our homes and buildings through a ‘Holistic Deep Renovation Wave’ is one major solution to address the current energy prices crisis.
  • Adequate and sufficient funding should be ringfenced to vulnerable households to prioritise the renovation of the worst performing homes of low-income households.
  • A strong and clear regulatory framework needs to be implemented with equally strong social safeguards.
  • Activating and supporting national and local actors on the ground through adequate EU building policies can enable a multitude of stakeholders to prepare for the challenges ahead.

The demands were published today on the occasion of the upcoming second round of discussions on the EU Buildings Directive.

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