Photo: Sarama Doole via Unsplash


Climate Alliance supports call for the launch of the EU’s Water Resilience Initiative

Climate Alliance joins a group of environmental NGOs and stakeholders that co-signed an open letter sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen earlier today. Together, the group calls upon the EU to accelerate ist action to address recurrent water scarcity and protect society against droughts, floods, wildfires and sea level rise. More precisely, the letter promotes the launch oft he communication on the EU’s Water Resilience Initiative before the 2024 elections instead of „pausing“ it – as was announced a few weeks ago.

The group hopes for the Initiative to

  • pave the way for making nature-based water resilience a priority
  • prioritise the deployment of nature-based solutions for water resilience
  • support a reduction in water demand in water-stressed areas in all sectors at a local and regional level
  • accelerate the implementation and enforcement of the current and upcoming legislation.

As of now, the open letter is available online.