Now out: Revamped EPAH Dashboard & New Report on National Energy Poverty Indicators

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub is excited to introduce a powerful updated and revamped tool. The interactive indicators’ dashboard offers an in-depth exploration of national energy poverty indicators, providing users with the ability to compare data by year and country, and access essential information across different categories. The revision of the dashboard aims to further develop the knowledge and tools provided by EPAH towards contributing to the improvement of energy poverty measurements across the EU.

Indicators are key instruments to measure energy poverty. The data collected by their measurement allows to effectively capture different facets of energy poverty situations, in order to build a comprehensive diagnosis. The key features include:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our dashboard is designed with user convenience in mind. Easily navigate through the most recent EU-wide statistics with a clean and intuitive interface.
  • Comprehensive Data: Explore quantifiable aspects of energy poverty. The indicators are re-organised and updated under and the new (sub)topics climate, facilities/housing, mobility, and socio-economic aspects aligns with the guidelines of the Covenant of Mayors on energy poverty indicators at the local level.
  • Visualize Data: View data in map and bar chart formats, enhancing your understanding of energy poverty trends in the EU.
  • Downloadable Leaflets: Under each indicator, download a summary leaflet for quick reference and sharing.

This dashboard has now been updated and upgraded to empower local governments, policymakers, researchers, and all practitioners with an easy tool to start effectively measuring energy poverty. The new report "Energy Poverty National Indicators: Uncovering New Possibilities for Expanded Knowledge" goes a step further in explaining the enhancements to the energy poverty national indicators and dashboard.

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